Service Offerings

What are you aware of now?

This is how many sessions begin. With an invitation to be present, to feel your feelings and to “peel the onion” as we say in Gestalt. To dig deeper. To discover and integrate all aspect of yourself. To live an empowered life.

It is my belief that life is in our favor; life is happening for us and not to us; and each person has the inner resources to heal themselves. No matter what's happening in your life now, we’ll explore what’s right. My role is to create a safe space, listen deeply and be your ally as you discover your own answers within. And when you do, it's magic!

Choose individual sessions, select group sessions or virtual session by Skype or FaceTime. 

My Process

The 4 step process we’ll use is simple, yet effective:

  1. Identify where you are now. This is where you take “inventory” of all aspects of your life; mind, body, spirit & emotions.

  2. Decide where you want to be. What do you want? Let’s determine your desired outcome.

  3. Uncover your compelling reason why. You must have a reason to move…Let’s find your motivation!

  4. Execute how to get there. This is where you’ll take action steps with the correct tools, the strategy and empowerment to create change.

Every session is customized to where you currently are in life. Some sessions are more experiential work, less talk. Other sessions we’ll use my empty chair or white board to help you visualize and gain new awareness about how patterns etc. In short, there is no exact formula that I use, because each person is unique with specific needs.