The Art of Adulting

The Art of Adulting

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Ask yourself: Who is in charge of your life? Are you still waiting for someone to show- or tell- you what to do next? Do you find yourself uncertain, wishing you had more confidence and sense of direction?

What if…it’s not someone “out there” but you’re the one you’ve been looking for? 

With a new set of tools to navigate inner & outer terrains of becoming an "Adult" you’ll find adulting will bring confidence, self awareness and more freedom. 

In this energetic & educational presentation, Adela will help you dig deeper and explore 5 keys to Adulting to develop your inner authority that will serve as a GPS to help you navigate this journey called Life.

The 5 keys to Adulting will teach participants:

  1. Responsibility

  2. Accountability

  3. Learning to learn

  4. Cultivate virtues & values

  5. Develop your Inner Authority

Your Take Away:

  • A daily practice to begin integrating the 5 Keys

  • Tools and resources 

  • Insights, awareness and a roadmap to Adulting

November 8 at 9:3-1:00 Location TBD

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