Leadership Coaching Training

Leadership Coaching Training


NEW in 2020: Leadership Coaching Training! A 6 months Transformational program that aims to create Awareness & Generate Mindful Action, while Facilitating Learning & Growth.

LCT is designed for leaders seeking personal & professional awareness training to create powerful, positive change in their organization. Utilizing NLP, Gestalt & Mindfulness tools, participants will learn the transformative FACT process: focus, action, change & tools for optimal team performance.


Program Objectives:

  • Intentional Leadership: Maximize personal & team achievement

  • Clarify& Integrate: Align organizational objectives with individual/ team goals for breakthrough performance

  • Transform: Create a culture for teamwork & trust, leading to a more cohesive, constructive & creative environment

Commitment: 6 months program includes

  • 1 monthly group session for experiential training: Gestalt practices and NLP training

  • 1 monthly individual session (phone or Adela’s office)

  • Private online group support


    • $2700 will following payment options:

    • $2430 one-time payment (10% discount when paid in full)

    • 4 installments of $675 over the first 4 months of LCT program