The Art of Adulting.

Until you accept responsibility for your life, someone else runs your life.
— Orrin Woodward

Question: Who is in charge of your life? Another way of asking, who’s in the driver’s seat, driving the vehicle (you) on this journey called Life?

For years, my “inner teenager” occupied the driver’s seat while the inner adult sat silently in the back seat, holding her breath, praying for a safe arrival...instead of taking charge and making important decisions in my life. Once I became aware of this notion—a pivotal moment indeed— I suddenly had choice and options to change.

What exactly is adulting and how does one get there? Well, my perspective is that Adulting isn’t a destination…but a process, a practice. Perhaps an ongoing exercise in maturing and integrating all aspects of oneself—becoming Whole.

If you’re curious about what I’m talking about, listen here to The Art of Adulting class from last week at Modern Mystic Shop. In the presentation I list 5 keys I began to practice on my journey to becoming whole:

  1. Responsibility

  2. Accountability

  3. Learning to learn

  4. Cultivating virtues & values

  5. Developing Inner Authority

Let’s look at the first key. Brian Tracy, author and speaker, claims that “self-responsibility is the core quality of the fully mature, fully functioning, self-actualized human.” Once we realize we’re responsible for all aspects of ourselves: mind, body, spirit & emotions, we begin our journey to self-realization.

Of course it takes effort, time and commitment to be a responsible, aware human being. However, the price we pay to remain asleep is far too costly: feeling stuck, depression, anxiety and un-fulfillment.

The word responsibility can be two words: the ability to respond. Meaning having the skills, or capacity to respond instead of react to life circumstances as they unfold, even when we don’t like it, it’s difficult or not fair…The adult way is navigating with facts to decide if / what action is needed while acknowledging feelings. Sometimes the responsible thing to do is seek help, guidance and mentoring when we need new skills or tools.

How do we begin? Same way we do most things: one step at a time. Here’s one coaching process I use with clients so you can begin to explore:

  • Take inventory of where you are right now (mind, body, spirit & emotions)

  • Decide where you want to be, or your desired outcome

  • Find your compelling reason why you want to change

  • Determine how and the action steps needed

I invite you to aim for progress, not perfection. At 50, I’m still learning...and growing into my Adult, Whole Self. And, feel free to reach out if you need help creating powerful, positive change in your life.

To Wholeness…Cheers!