Reflecting Back, Envisioning Forward

The year is coming to an end….another sign of impermanence. Endings and beginnings, the cycle of life.

December can be an opportune time to reflect on the past year and envision what’s next. Imagine yourself contemplating your last twelve months and then picture the next twelve.

What successes would be celebrated and what areas for personal growth and development could be in the forefront in the new year? Well, that’s a practice I started a while back after letting go of my emotional struggles I faced during the holidays. Because I wanted to make powerful, positive changes in my life, I created this ritual to provide clarity, focus and direction.

Drawing from different teachings, my annual celebration is simply reflecting on what was and envisioning what’s next. I’ll share the formula below and if you try it, please let me know how it goes. If you have your own process, I’d love to hear as well.

First, create a sacred space and bring a journal. Then ask the following questions:

  • What experiences (accomplishments) am I most proud of? How are they making a difference in my life?

  • What have been the most important moments of learning & growth? What am I still learning from them?

  • What am I willing to let go of, accept and forgive? How will that serve me (and others)?

Notice what you’re aware of and how you feel. Perhaps use your journal to answer or share with someone you trust. There are no right or wrong answers…. It’s becoming aware and noticing where your energy, efforts and focus have been. Have you remained aligned with your values, your beliefs? Once aware, you now have choices and options.

Next, envision life in the new year. To aid in the process, choose a word to focus on, such as health, freedom, abundance, family etc. and use it as a mantra, or reminder when life throws a curve ball. Engaging all the senses is important part of this process. I draw on my NLP tools here because thinking it is not enough. Also, I focus on four aspects when envisioning my intentions: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual parts of my life. You can follow this guide or come up with your own.

As a final step in my annual ritual, and in order to solidify my intentions, I use a physical anchor in order to embody my desired outcomes. Traditionally, I walk a labyrinth on New Year’s Day, but it can be other body movements to ‘cement’ or future pace (anchor) my vision forward. Trust your body here and do what feels natural to you. That’s it! That’s my annual ritual and I hope you try it.

If you want coaching to help you make powerful, positive change, I would love to help!

To Wholeness…Cheers!