Transform Your Organization

Leadership Awareness Coaching & Training, Mindfulness & Meditation

Organizations transform when its people transform. Within a business context, navigating change requires authenticity, trust and most importantly, collaboration in achieving desired outcomes. Applying Awareness Coaching & Training within the professional environment helps leaders and teams surface underlying or unresolved conflict and behavioral patterns that may be standing in the way of growth, performance and optimum success.

Our Gestalt Approach & NLP techniques combined with Mindfulness provide an interactive approach for recognizing interpersonal dynamics, building effective relationships and finding solutions to team problems. 

  • Behavior change

  • Communication skills

  • Listening skills

  • Collaboration

  • Conflict resolution

  • Team building

Coming Soon: LCT: Leadership Coaching Training 2020! A 6 months program for the Leader in You.

Services we offer for Small Business Organizations:

An authentic leader transform their organization. Our vision of a leader is somebody who acknowledges and honors their own complexity, who recognizes that we are all unique, who is clear on their values and operates with sounds principals. An effective leader who draws on both inner intellect, including insight, intuition and imagination and outer resources in their professional, social and political environment. A leader who inspires, motivates and engages people. Our customized coaching program is designed to elevate communication skills, inspire and motivate self and others, gain confidence and resolve conflict. 6 months coaching program includes monthly in-person group activity, individual coaching and online forum. Inquire or sign up below at contact us.      

Team Coaching

We combine confidential one-on-one coaching for team and organizational development. Customized team coaching packages are designed to align with the organization's strategic direction; develop inter-personal communication skills; build team rapport; identify ways to inspire and motivate; and resolve conflict. 

In-person or virtual coaching available.

Team Building Activities

Customized team building activities exploring:

  • values, mission and vision

  • communication skills and conflict resolution

  • mindfulness and stress reduction

  • compassion and kindness in the workplace

Mindfulness and Meditation Practices to:

  • increase energy, positivity & creativity

  • cultivate self awareness

  • strengthen mindset & mental agility

  • provide balance & clarity

Half day or full day training available.

Speaking Engagements

If you're looking for a dynamic, energized and passionate speaker who will entertain, educate and provide a blue print for positive change in life, Adela is your ultimate solution. Contact us for more information and rates.

Adela has helped my team grow closer than I ever expected. We’ve learned new ways to communicate, find solutions and accomplish goals to grow the agency to its maximum potential.
— Galin Vinasco, State Farm Agent
Adela has been helping my Team and me for over 5 years. She helps us to understand how our brain works and how it affects our body and our relationship with others. She has helped my Team how to understand our customers needs by being better listeners and asking questions in a mindful way. Thank you Adela my Team and I appreciate you!
— Yara Parada, State Fam Agent
Since working with Adela, our team communicate exponentially better; our focus is aligned with our mission and there is significantly less conflict. Clients have noticed a difference, so everyone is happier!
— Maria, Team Manager